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Edit Delete Details 17<STRONG>Student(s) lives with (indicate all that apply. e.g. A,D ): </STRONG><BR>A) Father<BR>B) Mother<BR>C) Stepfather<BR>D) Stepmother<BR>E) Guardian<BR>F) Other<BR>450SchoolUdf-450-17
Edit Delete Details 18<STRONG>Family Conditions (indicate all that apply. e.g. D,E ): </STRONG><BR>A) Parents Married<BR>B) Parents Divorced<BR>C) Parents Separated<BR>D) Father Deceased<BR>E) Mother Deceased<BR>F) Other450SchoolUdf-450-18
Edit Delete Details 19<STRONG>Who is responsible for tuition? (indicate all that apply.) </STRONG><BR>A) Father 100%<BR>B) Mother 100%<BR>C) Father & Mother share responsibility<BR>D) Other450SchoolUdf-450-19
Edit Delete Details 201. Why do you choose to send your child to a Catholic school?<BR>A) Faith formation / character development.<BR>B) Quality of education.<BR>C) I / my spouse attended a Catholic school.<BR>D) All of the above.500SchoolUdf-500-20
Edit Delete Details 212. Could your child attend a Catholic school without a tuition scholarship from CTODP?500SchoolUdf-500-21
Edit Delete Details 24<STRONG>1) Are either you, or your spouse employed by The Diocese of Phoenix, a diocesan Catholic school, a Catholic ministry or Brophy College Preparatory.</STRONG>700SchoolUdf-700-24
Edit Delete Details 273. Do you redirect your taxes to CTODP to help us raise scholarship funds for your child?500SchoolUdf-500-27
Edit Delete Details 284. If no, why don’t you redirect your taxes to CTODP?<BR>A) I have no tax liability.<BR>B) I give to another School Tuition Organization (STO).<BR>C) I don’t understand the tax credit program.500SchoolUdf-500-28
Edit Delete Details 295. Would you be willing to volunteer 5-10 hours for CTODP at your school?500SchoolUdf-500-29
Edit Delete Details 30<STRONG>2) My child attends a Catholic school because</STRONG>><BR>A) Faith formation.<BR>B) Highest quality of education.<BR>C) We receive scholarship assistance (otherwise we could not afford it).<BR>D) All of the above.700SchoolUdf-700-30