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SchoolWelcomeNameDivine Savior Holy Angels High School
WelcomeText<Strong><font color="red">Please Note: You may now upload your tax documents to FAIR. They must be in PDF format and NOT password protected.<BR> Once you have submitted your online application, you will be brought back to the FAIR Home page.<BR> Next to the "Status" of your submitted application, you will see a link for "Upload Documents".<BR> Click on that link to select your file(s) to upload. </STRONG></font><BR><BR> <BR>DSHA is committed to providing outstanding college preparatory Catholic educational opportunities to qualified students regardless of a family's financial circumstances. One-third of families qualify for some need-based assistance.<BR><BR> Families interested in pursuing need-based financial assistance begin the process by filling out an application which collects information on income and family expenses such as mortgage/rent, utilities, car payments, other tuition, etc. DSHA uses an outside financial aid service- FAIR- to assist in collecting and analyzing financial information submitted by families. <BR><BR> The information provided in the process helps DSHA to determine the level of need-based assistance for which a family is qualified. Although an outside service will be collecting information, DSHA makes the financial aid awards based on information provided in this process. <BR><BR> The application deadline for <STRONG>incoming freshman (Class of 2023)</STRONG> is Friday, November 2, 2018. <BR><BR>The application deadline for <STRONG>returning students</STRONG> is Friday, March 15, 2019.<BR><BR>It is imperative that applications are submitted by the deadline. We cannot guarantee that financial assistance will be available to eligible applicants who do not meet the deadline. <BR><BR> In order for an application to be processed, applicants need a copy of their tax returns. There is a $30 application fee.<BR><BR> Notification about any financial aid awards will be mailed to each family in April.<BR><BR> Questions about the financial aid process should be directed to Adrienne Ognacevic at (414) 466-3707 ext. 2805 or <a href="mailto:ognacevica@dsha.k12.wi.us ">ognacevica@dsha.k12.wi.us </a>
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