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SchoolWelcomeNameArchbishop Rummel
WelcomeText<Strong><font color="red">Please Note: You may now upload your tax documents to FAIR. They must be in PDF format and NOT password protected.<BR> Once you have submitted your online application, you will be brought back to the FAIR Home page.<BR> Next to the "Status" of your submitted application, you will see a link for "Upload Documents".<BR> Click on that link to select your file(s) to upload. </STRONG></font><BR><BR> Archbishop Rummel High School educates each student according to the principles of the Catholic Church in the LaSallian tradition of faith, community, and service. In a caring, disciplined environment of social awareness and academic excellence, Archbishop Rummel High School challenges each student to recognize the dignity of life and to develop and share, to the best of his ability, his unique talents.<BR><BR> The school acknowledges the sacrifices that many families make in order to offer students a Catholic education at Archbishop Rummel High School. A budgeted amount of financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis to Archbishop Rummel High School students and is based strictly on family need. Families verified to have extreme financial hardship will be considered for assistance. Annual awards are issued to students who are accepted and registered for the following year, and have qualified based on financial need. <BR><BR> All students currently receiving financial assistance must reapply and qualify for the next year. Qualification includes having fulfilled all requirements of the current Financial Aid Policy. Every applicant is evaluated on an annual basis.<BR><BR> Award amounts will depend on the total budget and the total number of applicants who qualify that have filed a completed application by the <STRONG>March 31, 2020 deadline</STRONG>. Applications are not complete without the submission of the required tax return, all applicable schedules, including copies of W2''s and/or 1099 forms, and the required payment of the processing fee.<BR><BR> A student who receives financial aid must perform work on the school campus between June 1 and April 30. Work projects are approved in advance by the program administrator. <BR><BR>
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