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SchoolWelcomeNameWalsh Jesuit HS
WelcomeText<Strong><font color="red">Please Note: You may now upload your tax documents to FAIR. They must be in PDF format and NOT password protected.<BR> Once you have submitted your online application, you will be brought back to the FAIR Home page.<BR> Next to the "Status" of your submitted application, you will see a link for "Upload Documents".<BR> Click on that link to select your file(s) to upload. </STRONG></font><BR><BR> Welcome to Walsh Jesuit's on-line tuition assistance application. Below are important dates and information for families applying for financial aid for the 2019-20 school year.<BR><BR><STRONG><U>There is no charge for submitting an application for Walsh Jesuit. However, to submit your application you must go through the check out process at the end of the application. On the payment page click the "I Agree" button and your application will be submitted to FAIR. No credit card information is required.</U></STRONG><BR><BR> Both biological parents are required to complete and submit an application, regardless of the custodial parent or shared parenting agreements as agreed by court documents. If a parent is deceased, please list that parent, and make a notation on the application; there is no way FAIR will be aware of this without your note, and the application can’t be processed if information for only one parent is received. Information for two parents should be listed for each student. In the rare circumstance that the courts have ordered one parent or the other total responsibility to pay tuition, all pages of the court document must be provided at the time of application; however, both parents must still complete the applications. <BR><BR> <STRONG>Prospective Walsh Jesuit students - Class of 2023 - <U>Tuition Assistance Application Information</U> </STRONG><BR> Applications may be completed on-line from November 1st until November 30, 2018. <STRONG>This is the only remaining timeframe for applications for the class of 2023</STRONG><BR> THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for the financial aid application for your current eigth grade student is <STRONG>November 30, 2018.<BR> NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AFTER THIS DATE.</STRONG> <BR><BR> Families with incoming Freshman who also have student(s) currently attending Walsh Jesuit <U><STRONG>must submit separate financial aid applications for returning students (see deadline below).</U></STRONG><BR><BR> <STRONG>Current Walsh Jesuit students - Graduating Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022 </STRONG><BR> Applications may be completed on-line from February 1, 2019 until April 15, 2019<BR> DEADLINE for the financial aid application is APRIL 15, 2019.<BR> Families must submit a financial aid application for returning student(s) separate from incoming Freshman.<BR> Financial aid decision letters will be mailed by May 2019.<BR><BR> Questions for Walsh Jesuit? Contact Vicky Kilway at (330) 929-4205 extension 126 or <a href="mailto:kilwayv@walshjesuit.org">kilwayv@walshjesuit.org</a>
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