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SchoolWelcomeNameStrake Jesuit
WelcomeText<Strong><font color="red">Please Note: You may now upload your tax documents to FAIR. They must be in PDF format and NOT password protected.<BR> Once you have submitted your online application, you will be brought back to the FAIR Home page.<BR> Next to the "Status" of your submitted application, you will see a link for "Upload Documents".<BR> Click on that link to select your file(s) to upload. </STRONG></font><BR><BR> <STRONG>Welcome to Strake Jesuit College Preparatory tuition assistance online financial aid application for the academic year 2020-21.</STRONG><BR><BR>Submit your financial aid application by <STRONG>January 15, 2020. </STRONG><BR><BR> Mail the following supporting documents to FAIR:<BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#8226; copy of 2018 tax return with all schedules and W-2''s,<BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#8226; copy of the last pay stub for 2019<BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#8226; copy of first pay stub for 2020 (if you have one)<BR><BR> <BR><BR> If you complete your application by January 15, 2020, you will be notified of your financial aid decision in March when you receive your acceptance letter.
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